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Low-THC cannabis products in Europe


EMCDDA, Lisbon, December 2020

The open sale of cannabis products in Europe has raised concerns among policymakers, both with regard to the legal status of these products and their potential for harm. The products are marketed for their low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, which sellers claim exempt them from control by drug laws, or as sources of CBD (cannabidiol). This publication presents an initial overview of the situation, covering the types of low-THC product available, user profiles, associated harms and regulatory responses in Europe. Low-THC products that take forms similar to illicit cannabis products, such as smoking mixtures, oils and edibles, are a primary focus of this study. The report highlights the challenges facing both policymakers and those wishing to supply low-THC products regarding establishing the legal status of the products and which regulatory frameworks apply to their sale.

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Drogová situácia v EU


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