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11.1 Organization of health policy in the prison system and provision of services

The Corps of Prison and Court Guard (hereinafter only as the “corps”) fulfils tasks of the programme declaration of the government „Civic Responsibility and Cooperation“ /Občianska zodpovednosť a spolupráca/ and initiative „Health System 2020“ /Zdravotníctvo 2020/. These basic government documents have been transferred into the updated „National Health Promotion Programme“ (NPPZ). This programme follows tasks arising from the accession of the Slovak Republic into the European Union, as well as the passed decisions and recommendations of the European Parliament and Council and also current changes in legislation and strategy of the health system in Slovakia; it is based on the policy „Health for All“ – of the World Health Organization (WHO) embedded in the policy „Health 21“ – health for the European region for the 21st century.

The corps is also responsible for the fulfilment of the framework action plan „National Anti-Drug Strategy for Years 2009 – 2012“. The corps provides in the field of reducing the demand healthcare for the charged and the convicts (hereinafter only as „detained persons“) using drugs with the aim to reduce health problems related to drugs issue and expansion of services in the field of decreasing harm caused by drugs. The „National Programme for HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Slovak Republic for Years 2009 – 2012“ is also focused on the area of „Harm reduction“. The corps fulfil the activity No. 11 „HIV/AIDS Prevention in Penitentiary Facilities – provision of condoms and consultancy in penitentiary facilities“. Thy fulfil this activity in practice by provision of condoms for shops of prison and detention facilities for detained persons and by performing various educational activities for detained persons, but also for members of the corps with the focus on the HIV/AIDS infection and also hepatitis C and B. The execution of the said programmes provides with regard to organization and methodology at the level of the corps the Department of Healthcare of the Directorate General of the Corps by elaborating methodological procedures and internal regulations and directives. Activities of the corps in the following period will be aimed primarily at the educational sphere by continuing in organizing educational activities about drug issues intended for detained persons after completion of serving their custodial sentence and imprisonment (hereinafter only as the „execution of sentence“) not only concerning the social issue, but also in the field of health (information about the option of anti-drug treatment after the completion of execution of sentence, about the option of treatment of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, B after the completion of execution of sentence). At the same time, preventive programmes with the aim to disclose penetration of drugs into facilities with increased interest in new drugs with unclear risk of consequent health effects and drug overdose, will be continued.

The corps provides healthcare for the charged in detention and convicts serving their sentence pursuant to the Section 4 (1) let. k) of the Act No. 4/2001 Coll. on the Corps of Prison and Court Guard as amended (hereinafter only as the „act No. 4/2001 Coll.“); they create conditions for the execution of this state imposed duty arising from the institutional principle of right to the same level of healthcare in two ways:

  1. They organize provision of healthcare; healthcare in a healthcare facility of the prison facility, detention facility, detention facility for juveniles and in the hospital for the charged and convicts (hereinafter only as the „facility“);
  2. In case the health condition of the detained person requires healthcare that cannot be provided in the healthcare facility of the corps or in the hospital, its provision is provided in another healthcare facility, which is not under competence of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic (in civil healthcare facility).

Pursuant to the Decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 447/2006 Coll. on Organization of Healthcare Provision in the Corps of Prison and Court Guard, healthcare is currently provided in the healthcare facility of the facility, i.e. the healthcare provider is the facility (legal entity) on the grounds of licence for operation of a healthcare facility, which is issued by the respective self-government region. The healthcare facility of the facility provides healthcare by means of healthcare workers on official service basis and employment basis.

Healthcare is provided in inpatient and outpatient form with the aim to prolong and improve quality of life of detained persons and it includes especially prevention, diagnostics, treatment, dispensarisation, nursing care, provision of medicines, medical aids and dietetic foodstuffs. It is provided so as its availability for detained persons was assured, by astitution, transport and relocation of detained persons for the provision of healthcare to the healthcare facility of the corps, hospital, or other healthcare facility, or also by calling a doctor or other healthcare worker for the provision of urgent aid using services of the public healthcare system (medical first aid service, emergency healthcare service, emergency medical service).

General and specialized outpatient healthcare and inpatient healthcare is provided in the corps. The general outpatient healthcare is provided in all healthcare facilities of the corps and in the hospital and it is provided by a doctor with specialization in specialization subject general medicine or general medicine for children and youth. The specialized outpatient healthcare is provided by doctors with specialization in other specialized subjects than the general medicine, especially dental medicine, psychiatry, internal medicine, neurology, gynaecology and surgery. The specialized outpatient healthcare is provided in healthcare facilities of the corps, in the hospital and in other healthcare facilities. The inpatient healthcare is provided in the hospital or other healthcare facilities.

Each healthcare facility of the facility has to pursuant to the Act No. 578/2004 Coll. on Healthcare Providers, Medical Workers and Professional Medical Associations and on Change and Supplement of Certain Laws have an appointed professional representative with a licence for performance of activity of a professional representatives during the whole time of operation, have in ownership or lease spaces, in which the healthcare is to be provided. Such spaces must comply with requirements with regard to the health protection. The facility as the healthcare provider shall apart from the licence for operation of the healthcare facility provide also the quality system – shall fulfil minimum staff provision and material-technical equipment of the healthcare facility specified by generally binding legal regulation issued by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

Healthcare for detained persons is provided and its provision is secured by medical workers in following categories:

  1. doctor
  2. dentist
  3. nurse
  4. assistant
  5. dental technician
  6. other medical worker